We offer Private & Public training sessions

Public Training

Why Choose Synergistic Agility?

100% Success Rate: Our Students have a 100% success rate on passing the certification exam at first attempt. Synergistic Agility is dedicated to your success and will be available for coaching after certification.

Local Trainers: Most of the companies that provide training are not local to Maryland. This means they will only travel to Maryland if they have enough students and will end up canceling the class most of the time at the last minute. Our classes are guaranteed to run.

No Cancellation: Not for an unforeseen event, Synergistic Agility will not cancel its classes in Columbia, Maryland. We understand that your time is valuable, and canceling classes can hurt your certification plans.

After Training support: Synergistic agility trainers are committed to your success. Our Instructors will provide after-training support to help answer any additional questions and prepare before you take the exam. This is rare in the field and unlike other trainers who are done after the two-day session and not interested in your success as they have already received their fees.

Permanent Training Location in Columbia: Synergistic Agility has permanent training locations in Columbia, Maryland, unlike most other companies who only book a training location in a hotel if they have enough students.




Set your goals. Choose your training course and start date 


Review preparation materials 


Learn from world-class instructors and receive 1-on-1 coaching

Realized Success

Pass the certification exam and receive a year’s worth of online support

Private Training

Private Training for all of your agile needs with a complimentary training needs assessment.

Synergistic Agility experts provide on-site training for large groups and organizations for all occasions and from your context. This includes organization and large groups:

  • Preparing to launch an Agile Release Trains and require structured schedule training;
  • Upskilling internal staff for specific SAFe roles;
  • Need a refresher course for mature Agile Release Train or Agile Teams on lean-agile principles and practices;
  • New to SAFe and want to train leaders first; and
  • Government and Vendor Partners adopting SAFe
  • Individuals form into a large group for discount (10 students minimum)

Please contact us at (410) 804-8642 or email for more information or a free analysis of your training needs.

See the complete list of courses we offer privately below.

  • Agile Product and Solution Management
  • Leading SAFe 
  • Lean Portfolio Management 
  • SAFe PO/PM
  • SAFe for Government 
  • SAFe Scrum Master 
  • SAFe Scrum Master (Advanced) 
  • Release Train Engineer
  • SAFe DevOps